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Your Voice Counts

Concerned? What can you do?

Tell City Council and Staff to put on the breaks: reject the RAW DEAL. These are arbitrary deadlines. We have a working LCLUP which can continue until other cities finish their business with the CCC. These others are better equipped.

Our 2020 LCLUP is our BEST submission, filled with enough compromises.

There is NO URGENCY to sign a BAD DEAL.


Get Informed

Smart Coast California is an educational group that partners with coastal communities to find the right balance of community, sustainability, property rights, and environment. This group has been proposed to the City Council and City Staff, but they seemingly haven’t had the time to meet for a presentation.

Dry Sticks

Get Involved

Come to City of Pacifica City Council Meeting, preferably in person as City Council and Staff should have to look you in the eye, knowing what they know.

Email various decision-makers/ influencers:

Pacifica City Council:

State Level Representatives:


California Coastal Commission:


Thanks for submitting! We will stay in touch with important information and updates.

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