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    ABOUT US SAVE PACIFICA are citizens who live and work in Pacifica. We are your neighbors. We care about: Smart Growth/ Sensible Development Private Property Rights Government Overreach Economic Development Protection of Tax Dollars Protection of Infrastructure which feeds and supports ALL of Pacifica, no matter where you live. Development Valuations ​ ​ Save Pacifica is intended to be an open source for anyone who wants to use and learn from the information it contains. However, we cannot be responsible for how other parties may employ that information (to their own ends). While we express our opinions about the ramifications of that information and the likely outcomes of it, we make every effort to ensure the information we publish is factual and correct.

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    Important Public Events Scroll down on the calendar to see more events.

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    Your Voice Counts Concerned? What can you do? ​ Tell City Council and Staff to put on the breaks: reject the RAW DEAL. These are arbitrary deadlines. We have a working LCLUP which can continue until other cities finish their business with the CCC. These others are better equipped. ​ Our 2020 LCLUP is our BEST submission, filled with enough compromises. ​ There is NO URGENCY to sign a BAD DEAL. Get Informed Smart Coast California is an educational group that partners with coastal communities to find the right balance of community, sustainability, property rights, and environment. This group has been proposed to the City Council and City Staff, but they seemingly haven’t had the time to meet for a presentation. Get Involved Come to City of Pacifica City Council Meeting, preferably in person as City Council and Staff should have to look you in the eye, knowing what they know. ​ Email various decision-makers/ influencers: ​ Pacifica City Council: All City Councilmember s : Mayor Sue Vaterlaus: Tygarjas Bigstyck: Sue Beckmeyer: Christine Bowles: Mary Bier: ​ City Manager, Kevin Woodhouse: City Clerk, Sarah Coffey: ​ State Level Representatives: Kevin Mullen, Congressman California Gavin Newsom, Governor of California Josh Becker, State Senator Marc Berman, Assemblyman Ray Mueller, Supervisor California Coastal Commission: Caryl Hart: Linda Escalante: Effie Turnbull-Sanders: Ann Notthoff: Mike Wilson: Catherine Rice: Paloma Aguirre: Meagan Harmon: Roberto Uranga: Justin Cummings: GET IN TOUCH Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting! We will stay in touch with important information and updates.

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