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Latest Updates

Latest City council meeting was May 23rd.   here is the youtube link to that meeting.

Next meeting is Scheduled for June 4th.   


Saturday May 18th meeting with Coastal Commissioner 



The March 2 LCLUP Meeting #3 is over and it's not good.


City Council is considering the Special Resiliency Area (SRA) idea that throws all of Pacifica's coastline under the bus except for the West Sharp Park neighborhood and the Rockaway Beach business district. Our hope was to show City Council how the non-SRA neighborhoods were going to be affected by Costal Commission staff's modifications to the LCLUP. It's unfathomable that City Council would give in to Coastal Commission's crippling demands, but it seems they are going to.

They think they can negotiate improved policies, but our city staff has already said that most of Coastal Commission's demands are non-negotiable.

You can still help. Write and email to City Council and let them know that Coastal Commission staff's modifications are unacceptable. They must fight for the rights and shoreline protections we are all entitled to under the Coastal Act and the 5th Amendment. 

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