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Image by Nigel Tadyanehondo


You Asked, We Answered

Q: Why haven’t I heard about this?

A: The City of Pacifica has done a poor job in notification, which is why the citizens have had to take the townhall to the streets. Many of us have asked for public study sessions. Many of us have asked for city-sponsored mailers to each residence and business. So far - none.


Q: I live up the hill in Pacifica, why does this matter to me?

A: Pacifica infrastructure is tied. That means electrical, communications, and sewers are at the coast. Living “up the hill” doesn’t save you if you can’t flush your toilet. The policies pushed by the Coastal Commission will cost millions of dollars that EVERYONE in Pacifica will have to pay.

Q: What is managed retreat?

A: The Commission recommends cities implement managed retreat philosophies allowing oceans to naturally erode developments thereby nourishing beaches with reclaimed sand made of disintegrated former properties.

Q: Does Save Pacifica believe in science?

A: Science is at the core of the concern. Are the polar ice caps melting? Yes. There are several adaptation strategies available well before “retreat”. Additionally, according to science, any real-world concerns may be at the start of the next century. There is no reason for hysteria today locking our community into a RAW DEAL.


Q: Doesn’t the California Coastal Commission have our best interests?

A: No. Or depends on how you look at it. The CCC is singular in thought. They do not care about your property values or the vitality of Pacifica. They do not care how their “hazard” label affects your ability to get insurance. They don’t care about your property value or if you can sell. They don’t care about lack of loans or finance. None of the things that you care about matter to their mission.

Q: If we could move the infrastructure today, why not?

A: First, there is no need to move anything for several decades. However, sure. Got money? Got land? These are two items that Pacifica doesn’t have. Again, there is no clear and present danger except for the Coastal Commission itself. We can continue to maintain.

Q: What happens to the City of Pacifica if it doesn’t accept the current red-lined proposed LCLUP?

A: Nothing. We are in a holding pattern, using the existing 1980s version.

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