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Save Pacifica From the Coastal Commission

Save Pacifica was founded by a group of concerned Pacifica residents to stop the California Coastal Commission from taking away our right to protect our property and SAVE OUR city.

Right now, the greatest threat to Pacifica’s existence is not climate change, or sea level rise.



The California Coastal Commission (CCC) requires all coastal cities in California to submit a Local Coastal Land Use Plan (LCLUP) to them for approval, detailing how they will respond to the threat of sea level rise. BUT the only “adaptation strategy” they will accept is called Managed Retreat. It’s not adaptation. It’s suicide.

Under managed retreat rules, cities are not allowed to have any shoreline protections or armoring to protect assets like property, roads, or infrastructure, nor are they allowed to build new shoreline protections. That means berms, revetments (riprap), or seawalls can’t be built, repaired, or reinforced. They MUST be removed. Without these protections Pacifica is doomed.

In fact, CCC demands that all protected buildings and structures be removed too! As incredible as that sounds, their ONLY priority is a pristine shoreline with no hint of human presence. If your home or business is in the coastal vulnerability zone you’ve been targeted for removal.


That means Sharp Park, Rockaway Beach, Linda Mar, everything west of Highway 1 are threatened with extinction AND removal. Our downtown, and its many affordable homes, apartments, businesses: All GONE. Nick’s, Moonraker, four hotels: GONE. Linda Mar Center: GONE. Linda Mar homeowners, too.

What else is affected?

Your home’s value, wherever you live in Pacifica.

Tax revenue: property tax, sales tax, business tax.

The city's bond rating will be destroyed.

City services: GONE. Infrastructure: water and sewer lines, pump stations, gas, electricity, communications lines, Highway 1, all run through Manor, Sharp Park and Linda Mar. They all would have to be relocated inland.

This will bankrupt Pacifica and it will be enveloped into the County.

Who is affected? Who pays?

Everyone. Everyone who lives in Pacifica, everyone who visits Pacifica. It doesn’t matter if you live in the hills or valleys east of Highway 1. The cost would be staggering to everyone who lives here; moving infrastructure, removing coastal protections. And who pays to compensate the people who are forced to vacate and demolish their homes? You and I.

What can you do?

GET INVOLVED. Tell your friends and neighbors. We can save Pacifica from this death sentence by the Coastal Commission if you act with us. It takes numbers and action.

  • Write to City Council

  • Write to your county and state representatives

  • Go to meetings. Tell them you oppose this overreach by the Coastal Commission. You oppose this unlawful taking of your property.

  • Stay informed

It is an unfunded mandate, and a violation of your Fifth Amendment rights: “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

Please click the Your Voice Counts tab for contacts and addresses.

Stay Informed

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